RHD K20 EE2 Shuttle

We bought the car as we needed to haul large parts, such as engines, bumpers, glasstops, etc. I thought that if we haul parts, we should better do it in style so what’s better than a nice oldskool RHD Shuttle.

We had a bit of bad luck with the car as its twincarb 1.4 engine died pretty soon after we bought it and since then we converted it to a manual 1.6 d16z5 engine. Currently it’s under construction again as we decided that we yet again need a better engine.


This time we are installing a K20A2 engine together with a six speed gearbox. We are also partly stripping the interior so we have more space in the back. I’m sure this car will be very fun to drive at all times haha”




-Honda access front bumper

-facelift lights

-SiR hood conversion

-SiR headlights

-EDM long license plate garnish

-Enkei Racing D wheels

-Power mirrors

-Thule roofrack

-Honda Access mirror covers

-Smoked rear fog lights

-Full color change in high gloss black 


-Hybrid racing shifter

-Limited edition corrado Recaros

-Stripped the rear interior plastics

-Honda access lower center console

-Mugen pedals

-Honda access steering wheel

-Ap1 cluster


-K20A Type R

-1.5 OEM shuttle exhaust

-Skunk2 alpha header

-AEM wideband 

-hasport mounts

-crx sir fuel pump

-Aeromotive AFPR

-Custom intake

-Blox velocity stack

-Innovative fuel rail

-6AN fuel fittings

-Spoon sports plug cover

-DSS swap drive shafts


-KW variant 2 coilovers

-JDM eye fitment rear control arms

-Front upper strut bar

-Rear lower strutbar

-front lower strutbar

-k-tuned traction bar

-power steering removed

-ef8 brakes and knuckles

-M-theory front swaybar

-M-theory rear swaybar

-M-theory fender brackets

-Fully polybushed


Crx E-EF6 1.5X

I bought this car as I really like crxes and I wanted to build something unique. Everybody always has an EDM or USDM car that they convert to the spec of a rare JDM model. But why wouldnt you do the exact opposite? I have a rare JDM CR-X which I am slowly converting to the old skool Euro-style.


The a classic old Skool euro style car was clean (they liked to shave lots of parts like door handles, lights), Slammed on wide wheels (the current hellaflush style was originated from the old skool euro style) and usually had features like a single wiper arm, a bozer hood and either a stripped or luxury interior with a half cage. I personally dont want to go too far with this build as I want to maintain the original look of the car, so I will not be doing anything that cant be reversed, but still I will try to give this car a unique look without going overboard!




-Original champagne-flint black two tone

-J’s racing crx front lip

-MESA Midnight tail lights

-Mugen rear wing

-Folding mirrors

-Original teardrop front

-Bronze tinted windows

-Delocked door handles

-coming soon: PLS Hockenheim 3 piece wheels


-OEM heated seats

-JDM Auto Aircon

-Personal steering wheel

-Mugen pedals

-Mugen gear knob

-JDM floor mats

-JDM flare

-Cloth rear seat setup

-Honda Access trash compartment


-100% OEM D15B twincarb


-Cusco coilovers


Crx E-EF7 Exclusive


Yeah I know what you think: “I guess this is just a crx converted with an exclusive interior…”

Nope, this is an original one! I bought the car back in ’08 from a someone in the UK. I had to tell the guy my plans with the car as he wanted the car to go to a good home. As soon as the car was here I decided to fully restore it. It has been stripped and everything that can be replaced will be replaced. Back in the days I wanted to go all out and tuck it and basically make it look like a crx you could find at the Chronicles.


However, later I decided that is important that the car will remain as close to OEM spec as possible because there is not a single known exclusive around anymore. So basically all work done to it will be undone and we will start again, but this time you will not find any parts like polybushes, colored fender washers or whatever in this build.




-full ’88 body trim

-singlebulb headlights and clear corners(first model and ONLY pre-facelift model that featured these headlights)

- cr-x exclusive rear garnish


-folding mirrors

-fog lights

-third brake light

-chrome exhaust tips

-five spoke wheels


-full camel interior

-white stitches in doorcards (first model that featured this, the ee8 vt doorcards later had the same style doorcards)

-adjustable lumbar support

-gathers supersound system

-doubledin headunit

-chrome doorhandles

-chrome handbrake switch

-chrome glove compartment switch

-climate control

-map lights

-rear seat

-arm rest

-camel colored seatbelts

-front seatbelt assist


-full disc brake setup




-ZC engine