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Mesa Automotive

Schapendreef 68

4824AM Breda



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


-Where are you guys located?

     We are located in Breda, The Netherlands

-Can you guys ship to (insert country where you live)

     Yes, we ship to anywhere in the world on a daily basis!

-How can i place an order

     You can place an order through our webshop, but also by contacting us through mail, whatsapp, facebook, forums or instagram. 

-I don't have Paypal, can I still place an order?

     Although paypal is the easiest option you can also use IBAN (International Bank Account Number). If you order through our webshop you can also pay by credit card.

-Can you guys source a rare car and ship it to America

     Yes we can! However, due to American regulations, the car needs so be 25 years or older. 

-¿Hablas Español?

     No hablamos español. 

-Can I visit the shop?

     No problem! However, we are on the road hunting for parts most of the time, since rare parts don't find themselves. Just make an appointment beforehand to be sure!