MESA EXPORT is your number one store when it comes to rare and optional car parts for Honda. MESA EXPORT was founded in 2011 after more than 15 years of experience. We travel all over the world to source the most exclusive parts and we stock the best of the best in our 2.100 sq ft warehouse. JDM and EDM EF honda's are our core business, but over the years we have spread out to many other makes and models as well. 



We have many parts in stock ranging from fog lights, wheels, arm rests, folding mirrors all the way to glasstops and front end conversions. If we don’t have them in stock, we can locate them. Check out our webshop to see what we can get. Most items have free worldwide shipping. If you can't find what we need then simply contact us as we love to hunt for special parts just for you!



Why buy rare car parts when you can also just buy the whole car? We locate, buy and ship cool cars for customers all over the world. A rare JDM limited edition CR-X? An E30 touring? A Kamei kitted MK1 Golf? A 930 turbo? A euro-spec testarossa? You name it and we will hunt it down!

Have you already seen the car you want and you just want us to look at it and give our feedback? That's possible as well. We will inspect the car and check it for over 100 aspects of the car and we can even certain aspects based on your request!

Contact us for more information!



So we just sourced your dream car but you want to give it some extra style? We from MESA got your back! We usually stick close to the autobahn racers and old skool '80 euro style but we can build anything you like. Contact us for more information!