Welcome to the million dollar motorcar project!

Welcome to the million dollar motorcar project. On this site you you can find the current participants, how to become part of this project, the current status of the project and ofcourse lots of pictures of the car!

The Million Dollar Motorcar is a project where I want to make a road trip around the world in my 1989 Honda Civic sedan.  Where, you might ask? Well pretty much everywhere: Europe, Scandinavia, Iceland, USA, Canada, The UK, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, South africa, etc. I want to document the whole trip which we will then post on our various social media accounts. Unfortunatly, such a trip is quitte costly and this is where we need your help!

It is possible to help us out and be a part of  the Million Dollar Motorcar! The idea is simple. The total surface area of my 1989 Honda Civic is just over 10 square meters, or 100.000 1x1cm blocks and I am selling each block for $10 dollar a piece. For every $10 that you are willing to sponsor us you get the freedom to put what you want on the car. There is no limit to the amount of blocks you can free up and what you put on the car will remain on the car. However, when the car is full, it is full and nothing else will be placed on the car anymore. so don’t miss out! In addition, your name and website will be listed on our website as well. For example, advertise your company,  your club, your name, put a funny picture on the car. It does not matter, the possibilities are endless!

We have had tons of positive feedback and support and we have already been in several news papers and we have had a successful kickstarter campaign. With your help we can take this project to the next level!

Contact us if you have any questions about the Million Dollar Motorcar project. Simply email us at: together@themilliondollarmotorcar [dot] com or fill in the form below:

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Here you can find the current status of the blocks, I will update this as often as possible.










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Reuben van Beek

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