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  • silverstone edition hatch

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    There were 3 silverstone versions, a white, a red and a black one. The white one was a luxury version with an automatic d15b2 engine. It had power mirrors, power windows, special interior, power steering and airconditioning. It also had a silverstone sticker on the rear hatch. The black version was a manual with no luxury items. It did have the same interior as the white one though. The red one usually was a mix between the two models.

  • JDM CRX 1.5X dual carb

    SONY DSC977004_589680361065005_358087424_o


    the 1.5x or EF6 had a computer controlled 1.5 twin carb d15b. It has  the same front end as an ef8 but without the front lip. It has a black and grey interior with diagonal striped seats. The most noticable feature is the two tone paint sceme where the bottom trim is either painted in silver or champagne. Other than that it looks pretty much the same as an ef8 but usually with more options as this car was more sold as the luxury model.

  • cr-x SI


    There were 2 versions of Si’s. The USDM and the JDM ones. The USDM SI had a 1.6 sohc engine, while the JDM had a 1.6 DOHC ZC engine. The JDM model also had more options in comparison to the USDM SI

  • EDM CRX 1.6i-VT



    The EDM 1.6i-vt was the european version of the SiR. It looked pretty much the same as the Sir. A few differences were the b16a1 engine instead of the b16a engine, blue tinted windows, glass headlights, rear fog light, different lower control arms, full black leather interior with red stitching and a different cluster. They all had the sunroof option and were sold in both lhd and rhd versions. The rhd versions also had optional ALB

  • EDM 1.6i-16 crx



    The edm 1.6i-16 was the edm version of the SI. It had a DOHC D16z5 or D16A9 engine. It looked the same as a JDM SI with the alcantara interior. The only notable differences were the stock flush mount spoiler, blue tinted windows, stock sunroof, glass headlights, different floor mats and a different cluster.

  • cr-x exclusive

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    One of the cars we own ourselves

    -full ’88 body trim
    -singlebulb headlights and clear corners(first model and ONLY pre-facelift model that featured these headlights)
    - cr-x exclusive rear garnish
    -folding mirrors
    -fog lights
    -third brake light
    -chrome exhaust tips
    -five spoke wheels

    -full camel interior
    -white stitches in doorcards (first model that featured this, the ee8 vt doorcards later had the same style doorcards)
    -adjustable lumbar support
    -gathers supersound system
    -doubledin headunit
    -chrome doorhandles
    -chrome handbrake switch
    -chrome glove compartment switch
    -climate control
    -map lights
    -rear seat
    -arm rest
    -camel colored seatbelts
    -front seatbelt assist

    -full disc brake setup
    -ABS (ALB)

    -ZC engine