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  • Prelude SIStates

    sistates1 sistates2 sistates3 sistates4


    Honda released the Prelude SiStates in 1990. Originally available only in Japan, this car was a limited production run and very few were built. It featured four-wheel steering, ABS, limited slip differential, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear lever, extra sound deadening on the firewall and hood, rear windscreen wiper and washer, and many more features that were usually options. It also featured a unique B21A engine rated at 145 bhp (108 kW) that was only produced for the SiStates. A major distinction of the SiStates is that it was the same width as the Prelude sold in North America. This Prelude model was only available with an automatic transmission.

  • 5th gen Motegi edition

    honda_prelude_motegi_1-L honda_prelude_motegi_2motegiedition


    The ┬ámotegi edition had 17 inch wheels, a motegi front lip, optional sideskirts and rear lip, a motegi badge and a lowering kit. Not everything was mandatory to be purchased except for the front lip, so it’s possible to find a non lowered motegi edition, or one without the front lip. All parts except for the front lip and the badge could be purchased without getting a motegi edition as well.