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We from mesaexport are obsessed with rare and optional stuff! A few months ago we saw people getting bashed online for not knowing enough about rare honda parts. We both came to the conclusion that its actually pretty difficult to find good information about what the good stuff is. You can find some stuff online, but most of the time the info is hard to find, unclear, incomplete or not easy accessible. Back then we kind of joked that we should make a rare part database…

After letting the idea mature for a while we decided to actually go forward with it and create a database. We decided to focus on three things: oem options, rare oem parts and rare aftermarket parts. I think it is pretty straight forward but i’ll explain it just to be sure. Rare oem parts would be anything that is really hard to find or illusive. These parts dont need to be optional though. We can also include parts that were sold on certain limited editions or even on regular models. With optional parts we mainly focus on parts, like honda access, modulo and other dealer optional parts. They don’t need to be rare, so information about parts like sunroofs and interior options will also be stored in the database. We also include parts that arent rare but regional different to give people a complete view of what was going on worldwide. And finally we post rare aftermarket parts. Allthough we focus on rare discontinued parts, we have posted a few parts as well that are considered as ‘rare’ but actually are not.

Besides using our own pictures, we have also used pictures that can be found online on car sites and message boards etc. We have uploaded these pictures on our own server to preserve them. We have not cropped them and we kept all signatures in the pictures. If you come across a picture of your car or a picture made by you and for some reason you do not want to have this picture on the worlds biggest rare part database then simply send us a mail and we will deleted. We can otherwise also credit you in the pictures. It’s up to you!

Also bear in mind that this database is still very much still a work in progress. It is not even nearly finished and lots of parts still need to be added. That being said, if you happen to know a part that isnt taken into the database then please dont hesitate to contact us about it. It can be that we can’t find proper pictures, can’t find proper information about those parts or straight up forgot those parts. So contact us if you know something!

Well that’s about it. We hope you guys will appreciate the amount of work we have put into this database! If you like what you see then please spread the word!

Thank you very much!